Naruto Shippuden – SasuNaru Reissue

A cover of my new SasuNaru Doujinshi – “SasuNaru Reissue”, which contains my two previous doujinshi series of Naruto.

Due to the SasuNaru underground love in office / Adult Romance etc. I have a sudden desire to start reading Naruto next generation, *please wake up* but I’ve learnt a lesson from the past “Naruto”, the story was really painful. For this reason, I’m still very hesitant. XDDD

Art Commission (FenrirVincent)

Completed Art Commission. (FenrirVincent)

Fenrir and Vincent are couple and I tried to give them a romantic moment for sure!
I wanted to draw them to kiss more lewdly, as Fenrir is a gentleman so I decided to make it a little reserved at the same time. xD The rosy colour unexpectedly brought a good outcome in the end! /// ;w;

Also, it’s my pleasure this works would be a gift for friends’ otp 600 day anniversary celebration!!!~~ V////V

Thank you so much for commissioning me! ^_^

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