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Last Updated: Nov 13, 2023


STATUS: *The Lists are Being Processed* + *Reservation is Open*

Commissions are processed sequentially.
If you are interested in it, please fill in the order form below or contact me via email. I will put you on my reservation list as below and contact you when it is your turn. Thank you! :>

(The features of the reservation list are the same as the waitlist, just because I like to call it a reservation list, it would be a more relaxed way XD I’ll note you when it’s your turn!)

Make a Reservation:


Please forgive my low speed I will come to you soon!

Thank you! ❤ Waiting time may be longer depending on my schedule. I’m sorry ><

  • CRiMSOnALLOY |* Pending *|
  • seiji606 |* Pending *|
  • shouu-kun
  • Milady-Alluca
  • senapi-sen
  • egging
  • pocket-epitome
  • KizunaYui-Studios
  • YuuiSama
  • Shinuru
  • kleonhart
  • xuegaogggg
  • maylormoon
  • AniHimeAi
  • wooyeongie
  • Rare-Imaging
  • HuaYue
  • kathykat10
  • Chibininja1917
  • Prism-Tonic
  • starsuchi
  • ReversiWings
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  • LadyNeji
  • Rare-Imaging
  • WhiteFoxKitsune88
  • Crystal-Cat44
  • ruli-cchi
  • AimaiLeafy
  • BlueSketchingWalrus
  • ShiningSiria
  • Cestera
  • Starija
  • The1whoAteUrPudding
  • Watolf/PhoenixIsReborn
  • cranerain
  • einlaup
  • xEleyia
  • Watolf
  • toufu-time
  • chibiaero1
  • rainysecrets
  • LadySwanna
  • suemao
  • xisanamii (*PM on twitter)
  • MisoHungry

– Commissions are processed sequentially.
– I will contact you when it is your turn. The slot would be automatically skipped if there is no response within three days. In case you missed the notice, or you are still interested (no worries even after a few weeks), please let me know and I’d be happy to keep it for you.
– Reservation can be cancelled or postponed, please feel free to text me anytime!
– I can do 2 pieces in a slot! No restriction on the order quantity and you’re welcome to order multiple pieces. (If you want more pieces I’ll put you on my list again, the 3rd piece/the following pieces can be done in the next round if possible.)
– If you prefer Urgent Add-ons, please contact me directly via email or PM for inquiries as I may not be able to arrange it in some cases. (e.g. schedule is full or I’m facing a very tight deadline. XD)



[Character+Flat Colours/Simple Background+Line Art+Simple Shading]
[Size: around 1000X1000px↑, 72dpi, JPG File (if you prefer PNG format please let me know, no charge for both.)]

Monochrome Drawings

(B/W or B/W with one main colour.)

Full-Colour Drawings

>>>Please see my PORTFOLIO and my latest updates for more samples.


[Chibi Character+No or Flat Colour Background+Line Art+Simple Flat Colour Shading]
[Size: around 1000X1000px↑, 72dpi, JPG File (if you prefer PNG format please let me know, no charge for both.)]


Monochrome (B/W with one main colour) or Full-Colour Chibi Drawings.


[Full-Colour+Full Characters+Background+Elements+Effects+Refined Shading+High Details+Fully Polished+Exquisite Style]
[Size: A4 size (2480px X 3508px↑), 300dpi, about 4k High-Resolution PSD File (layers merged)]

600~2000USD↑ (Customizable, the quote range may vary depending on complexity, how many characters, objects, accessories, background, painting style, size upgrade and other specifications, please feel free to inquire if you’re interested in this type of commission~)

If you are interested, please check my latest updates or use the tags on my homepage to see more artworks. :>



-Please send me a [COMMISSION FORM] as below, clear requirements and information would be appreciated. (You can copy the form and send it to my email manually; or use the online form at the end of the page.)
 -Once payment is confirmed, I will start working on the commission.
 -The first draft will be sent to you and ask for your approval. Changes are allowed at this stage. (2 times limit. Changes should be based on the existing composition from the draft as possible.)
 -No major changes are allowed after the draft has been approved. (2 minor revisions can be made upon completion. Additional charges may apply for more revisions.)
 -Waiting~ I am working hard on your commission!
 -Commission completed. In most cases, the type of Drawing would be able to complete within 1~2 weeks after the draft has been approved (generally not more than 3 weeks :3); while the type of Illustration takes more time to complete.
 -I will send out a full resolution file / a web-preview version (if needed) for you.

● Commission Type: (Drawings/Chibi/Illustrations)
● Style: (Monochrome/Full-Colour) & (Head/Half Body/Full Body)

  *Can pick some of my works to express what style you want.
  If you don't specially mention, I will come up with my own ideas~

● Additional Characters: (yes/no, how many)

● Add-ons: (if needed)

● References/Details: (if any, character, expressions, mood, pose, scenario, relationship, etc.)

● Other Remarks: (if needed)

● E-mail/Paypal Account:

Cards, Paypal or Bank Transfer

* Commission prices listed above already include Stripe/Paypal platform fees.


Payments can be made in instalments if the total amount exceeds 400 USD. (A 50% deposit is required before we get started, and the outstanding 50% balance will be charged before release and delivery.)

Invoice will also be split into two if you do 2 pieces together in a slot. The second invoice will be sent after the completion of the 1st piece.


 -With Flat Colours/Simple Background.
 -Adding complex backgrounds prices may vary depending on your requirements.
 -I may refuse to take the commissions if I consider that I can’t really handle it.
 -Prices may vary due to complexity, I will make some adjustments if necessary. (if it contains some complex elements, such as mecha, sci-fi, weapon, armor, creatures, detailed outfits, accessories, many objects, detailed background, complex totem, etc.)
 -No hidden fees or extra charges. (Unless it is too complex.)
 -Commissioned works only for personal use.
 -Please let me know and discuss the details if it is for commercial use.
 -Copyrights of commissioned works belong to me, which means I can use them in my own ways.
 -Royalty-Fee is charged if you need to own the copyright license completely. The price of Full Rights Buyout is about double or triple.
 -Please do not claim it as your works. No part of the content may be traced without permission.
 -Advance payment, refund is not permitted. (Invoice will only be sent when I am ready to begin processing your slot.)
 -Delivered in digital format, no physical shipment needed.


◼︎ HEAD: Head to the Upper Chest
◼︎ HALF-BODY: Head to High Hip
◼︎ FULL-BODY: Head to Foot

Revealing the lower parts of the body/thigh will consider as Full-body. Consideration for the balance of the entire composition, some parts of the picture may not be revealed and be cropped, but I’ll try to draw the whole body and remain the full part on the canvas for the Full-body option. Please feel free to inquire or visit my gallery for more examples.


✔ Male/Female Characters
✔ Fanart/Original
✔ Nudity
✔ NSFW (default slight/implicit; while hardcore/explicit requires additional fees)
✔ Yaoi/Yuri/Otome
✘ Gore/Too Violent/Scary Scenes/Disgusting Things etc. (subjective feeling)

* If you are not sure or other types not listed, please feel free to inquire.

Since I have different plans and projects, I may not be able to process all the commission slots at once. (I’d like to take every commission seriously! ><) It may take a while, I am sorry for any inconvenience this may be caused. If necessary, you can consider the Urgent Add-on. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank you for your patience!!


Thank you so much for your interest in my commission! ^_^

If you are interested in it, please fill in this form, I will put you on my list and contact you when it is your turn. Thank you! :>

(You can copy the commission form and send it to my email manually or use this online form, it’s up to you.)

    Commission Type:

    *Can pick some of my works to express what style you want. If you don't specially mention, I will come up with my own ideas~
    MonochromeFull-ColourHeadHalf BodyFull BodyOthers

    Add-ons: (if needed)
    UrgentDetailed BackgroundHigh-ResProcessVariation


    For commercial usage commission inquiries or other questions, please contact me directly via email, as it could be customizable according to individual needs. Commercial Usage Commissions have high priority over my schedule, prices would be different depending on complexity, style, specification, requirements and the usage of the projects. I will get in touch with you as soon. Thank you!

    (Please resend the email or contact me in different ways if there is no any response within a week.)


    Let me know what you have in mind, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

    For commissions or project inquiries, please contact me for further details, I will get in touch with you shortly. Thank you!

    (It may take few days to respond sometimes, if you do not receive a reply within a week, please remind me, or resend the message to my mailbox again. Thank you.)

    Thank You!!

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