Naruto Shippuden – SasuNaru Reissue

A cover of my new SasuNaru Doujinshi – “SasuNaru Reissue”, which contains my two previous doujinshi series of Naruto.

Due to the SasuNaru underground love in office / Adult Romance etc. I have a sudden desire to start reading Naruto next generation, *please wake up* but I’ve learnt a lesson from the past “Naruto”, the story was really painful. For this reason, I’m still very hesitant. XDDD

Art Commission (Thor & Loki Frost Giant)

Completed Art Commission. (Thor & Loki Frost Giant)

“It is ok you are blue, I accept you.” – A lovely brotherhood between Thor and Loki.

I feel surprised I got this request as ThorLoki is one of my favourite ships which I always wish I could have time to draw. Also thanks for the references and details, it helped me a lot! (I love the cuteness sketch!!<33 so glad it’s close to the envision!~)

Thank you so much for commissioning me! ^_^

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