Art Commissions Bunch – Patreon Rewards

Completed commissions (KafeleYuu) & (Liang).
Thank you so much for commissioning me! ^_^

//[Drawing Process Video]//

The second one will be a drawing process video of my Patreon rewards. If you guys are interested in it please visit my page below, I’ll release it after the video sequences are finished editing. I’m looking forward to seeing you there! Cheers~!


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Commission for ReversiWings (ClearDante) [NSFW]

Commission for ReversiWings (ClearDante) [NSFW]

//[Drawing Process Video]//
This piece will be my first drawing process video reward(Tier 3) on Patreon~! I can’t believe that I can finish recording the whole drawing process. Screen recording wasn’t as easy as I expected especially I always get distracted and encounter interruption…;; but it finally came up some interesting results. xD
I’ll finish editing and upload this video soon (still working on the sequences), if you’re interested, please follow me on Patreon and check for updates~

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